A unique approach to finding the right health insurance plan

A unique approach to finding the right health insurance planA unique approach to finding the right health insurance planA unique approach to finding the right health insurance plan

Coverage for your specific needs!



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I am Rose Yates and I started Yates Insurance Solutions because I want to help people work through the complexities of finding the right coverage.


I love meeting people and learning about them. Everyone has a story!


I am customer-focused and would love to talk to you!

About Me

My Philosophy

Allow me and my 40+ years in this industry to work with you to find the best coverage available at your lowest cost. 

I do NOT call myself an insurance "salesperson".  I consider myself a counselor; one who will guide you through the confusing maze that is health insurance.

My committment to you is to provide platinum-level service and a compassionate heart for your specific needs.

Types of Coverage

I can help you navigate the process of finding the right Medicare plan, whether you are turning 65 or are already on  Medicare.

I also assist those under 65 with finding Marketplace or 

off-Marketplace plans.

Dental, Vision, and other ancillary plans that compliment your Health Plan are available!

Final Expense Life Insurance Plans are available as well.

Licensed in Georgia and Tennessee

Insurance Coverage Options

Medicare Plans


Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans combine Medicare Parts A, B, and D plus add additional benefits like Dental, Vision, Hearing aids, and memberships to fitness facilites, often at no additional premium.

Medicare Advantage Plans for Veterans

These plans are designed specifically for Veterans offered at no additional cost, and combine Medicare parts A and B.  They allow Veterans to continue to get drugs through the VA.  These plans offer peace of mind when medical care is needed but a VA facility is not nearby.

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements are plans that have an additional monthly premium, but normally do not have copays or any other cost-sharing.

Stand-Alone Drug Plans

You need a part D, or Stand-Alone plan, if you choose a Medicare Supplement.  It is very important to sign up for a Drug Plan (or Medicare Advantage plan that has part D) when you turn 65.  This prevents lifetime Late Enrollment Penalties.

Hospital Indemnity Plans

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan that has no additional premium, a good complimentary plan would be a Hospital Indemnity plan that would offset the larger copays you might incur.  Examples would be the Hospital copay, or Ambulance copay.

For Those Under 65


Marketplace Plans

These are the health plans offered on healthcare.gov, commonly referred to as Obamacare.  These plans are offered to individuals who aren't offered health coverage through their employer or who have an income above poverty level and up to a specific amount. 

These plans do not require any medical questions.  They are guaranteed-issue to anyone who applies and qualifies.

I contract with several carriers in Tennessee and Georgia, and change my contracting based on which carriers enter and exit the market from year to year.

Off-Market Short Term Plans

This type of coverage is a good idea for someone who does not qualify for Marketplace plans or seeks coverage not offered on the Marketplace or by their employer.

I currently contract with United Health Care's Golden Rule product and National General Life for these plans.

Most of these plans require you to answer medical questions; however National General has a policy that is considered "guaranteed-issue" like the Marketplace plans.

Additional Coverages


Dental Coverage

There are many options I can show you when you need Dental coverage.  Based on your specific needs, I can find a low-cost option for you!

The major carriers I can quote are Delta, Spirit, Humana, United Health Care, and for Tennessee residents BlueCross of Tennessee.

Vision Coverage

Most of the time when you select a Dental plan you can add a Vision plan for less than $20.  

You can also purchase a stand-alone Vision plan if you already have a Dental plan.

Cancer/Hospital Indemnity/Ancillary Coverage

I can help you find a plan to cover catastrophic illnesses such as Cancer or offset the costs of an Inpatient or Observation hospital stay.

Final Expense Life Insurance

My area of expertise regarding Life Insurance are those that can cover final expenses such as burial and any debt that may need to be settled.

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